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DAVA SAI PHARMACY is currently one of Panvel oldest existing Chemists, in service since 1998.

Our Chemists has built up a reputation of unfailing quality, personalized service and maximum variety and availability of rare medicines.

Today, we can proudly say that we rank as one of the best chemists in the Raigad.

All our products are manufactured by major reputed companies.

DAVA SAI PHARMACY is conducting patient counseling camps in Panvel .

Unique cold storage for controlled tempreature drugs.

Free supply of medicines to vruddhashram in Taloja-panvel.


Pharmacist Reg.no.42599
Founder Member of DAVA SAI PHARMACY
Founder Member of Raigad pharmacist forum.
Member of indian pharmaceutical association.
Member of jan jagruti grahak manch-Panvel.
Member of Raigad pharmacist forum.

Vidya Sushilkumar Mali(D.Pharm.)
Pharmacist Reg.no.124587

Common 10% discount on every allopathic medicines.

40-50% discount on generic medicines.

50% discount on surgical items.

20% discount on diagnostic equipments(glucometer,bp machine,nebuliser,etc).


With over 100000 different items in our inventory, we try our best to make sure that any kind of medical requirement is served.

A huge range of products are at offer so that when you walk into our store with an expectation and a prescription, you walk out with relief and the medicines you required. we also offer mega discounts on medicines.

1)our speciality-Generic Medicines
We stock generic medicines as well. As per the new govt regulations we are now able to provide complete generic healthcare to our customers. Special discounts upto 50-60% are available on these medicines.

2)Prescription Medicines
We stock medicines of all compositions and almost all manufacturers. If you donít find your required medicine, our qualified Pharmacist-on-duty will be happy to suggest an alternative medicine.

3)Over The Counter Medicines
Any medicine that you may have heard about but not been prescribed by a doctor,e.g.crocin cold n flu,d'cold,syp.benadryl we stock that too! Schedule H,H1,X Drugs require a prescription, the rest you can ask for at our counter.

4)Cancer Medicines
in our pharmacy Oncology medicines available according to requirment of patient at very low cost , call us we will help you.

5)Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicines
We not only provide allopathic medicines, but herbal and ayurvedic medicines of manufacturer zandu,himalaya,sharangdhar and many more. If you believe in going green, we support you.

Face packs/wash, shampoos or beauty creams, revitalizers or wrinkle lift creams, your body deserves nothing but the best treatment. We try to stock cosmetics across many brands and ranges.

7)Baby Food Products
The youngest members of our society need nutrition so they can grow old and lead the world with a healthy mind, body and soul. We stock baby food across all stages of growth.

8)Surgical Items
We know that the surgery of your loved ones is a major concern for you. And you need the best sterile products of the best quality for the operation. You can count on us for this requirement too.
We do hope for your well being always and hope that you never require our services, on surgical products discount upto 50%

for information,precautions and any help about drug and disease you can call us 24*7 at 8898009777( DRUG AND DISEASE INFORMATION CENTER)

We are specializing in providing generic and OTC products. All of our products are compatible and consistent with FDA standards, and they are manufactured by reputed manufacturers.

We offer a drug dictionary where you can look up the names of drugs in an alphabetical order, or find the generic or prescription name of any drug that you are looking for. We offer medicines that carry the same ingredients at a lower price, and even compare them for you.

Our management and employees are fully committed to meet our customer requirements by offering high quality medicines at affordable prices according to their needs and requirements.

Our Sales Counters are managed by Registered Pharmacists only.

We honour Doctor's Prescriptions and dispense medicines accordingly.

We ensure storage of medicines in original packs as per their Labelling instructions, in Refrigerator, air conditioned area, room temperature, protected from light and humidity so that they maintain desired Quality.

We destroy expired goods as per Drug Rules or send them to supplier for replacement.

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